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ASP Component to Lookup Country Name by IP Address (IP to Country)
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ActiveTarget is an ActiveX DLL component for ASP that allows you to easily lookup the country code/name by IP address. It can be used to track website visitors geographically, analyze website traffic, anti credit card fraud and faked registration, or filter access from countries you do not do business with.

No ADO database connection or queries. No outbound network connections. Just 3 lines of ASP scripts to get country name from IP address. It is fast, accurate, stable and easy to use.

 Microsoft® Windows NT 4.0, Windows Server 2000, 2003, or 2008.
 An ActiveTarget ActiveX component installs on your server.
 It works with 32-bit Windows only (x86). It does not work with 64-bit Windows.
  How it works
ActiveTarget is an ActiveX component(DLL) to install on your webserver.
You can use simple ASP script to detect every visitor's geographic country.
You can use simple ASP script to lookup country code/name from any ip addresses.
ActiveTarget performs your queries in its internal database and responds instantly.
  Use ActiveTarget to
1. Quickly and authentically target your internet visitors.
2. Automatically display targeted advertisement by country.
3. Filter access from countries you do not do business with.
4. Provide visitors dynamic content or automatically language/currency selection.
5. Automatically redirect visitors to the geographically closest mirror.
6. Analyze your website traffic in real-time.
7. Detect credit card fraud or faked registration.
  and more...
  ActiveTarget is a stable product and widely used for over 5 years.

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